“My mission is to afford everyone the opportunity for an active and full life.”

Greetings! I have had the privilege of providing Chiropractic spine and nerve care for Sonoma County since 1999.

My favorite part of being a Chiropractor is watching the quality of peoples life dramatically change over time. My practice resonates and attracts those wanting to do all they can to be healthy and strong. The emphasis and focus of my practice is definitely about being active, highly functional and staying healthy for life! When you are in my practice, you will see alot of families having fun and getting care.

If you are at all curious if chiropractic care is for you, I encourage you to come in and have your spine and nervous system evaluated. The cost for your initial visit is minimal and I guarantee you will be glad you came in once you learn how important having a healthy spine and nervous system is to your overall health.

It will be a pleasure to meet you and an honor having the opportunity to join your health team. See you very soon!

Dr. Tim Grund