When I started going to Dr. Grund, I couldn’t eat, sleep or physically move. Chiropractic care has allowed me to enjoy my last 3 years of life and I owe Dr. Grund everything. – Joe. A.

I was 7 months pregnant suffering from awful shortness of breath and acid reflux. Regular adjustments completely relieved these symptoms as well as my nausea, low back pain and general discomforts of pregnancy – Cassandra C.
Thank you Dr. Grund for helping me understand why I hurt and getting me back on track. – Joanna R.


I’m a general contractor and my whole family experienced the benefits of chiropractic care for years before I delivered myself to Dr. Tim’s great hands. – Kurt A.

I came in with severe headaches and years of back problems, all of which have dramatically improved since coming in for consistent spinal care. Thank you! – Rachel G.

Regular Chiropractic care has helped alleviate stress which has improved my sleep. Thanks Dr. Grund! – Jennifer B.

Dr. Grund has allowed me to have a life of enjoyment and doing the things I like to do. – Adam T.

Prior to seeing Dr. Grund I suffered from severe migraine headaches. I found immediate relief and have been migraine free since getting under care. I feel like I have my life back. – Tina A.
Without my adjustments I would be in constant pain with my neck and back. – Fr. Frank E.

My energy has heightened, my digestion has become much more regular, and my perspective has broadened. – Sandra G.

Dr. Grund has given me hope that with time and repetition I will continue to feel great without needing drugs or surgery. – James C.
Dr. Grund has become part of our family and I cannot thank him enough for the personal care and professionalism he gives us. It has changed my life. – Ryan T.

Dr. Grund has made a huge difference in my mobility and athletic performance. My headaches are virtually gone and I have more energy! – Merritt

Stellar practitioner that has facilitated flexibility and restoration of function to my severely injured and degenerated spine and nervous system. – Sarah H