Who Needs A Healthy Spine?

The health of your spine is critical to the health of your entire body. When the spine is in alignment the electrical nerve messages from the brain to the organs are free of interference. If your spine is not in alignment than the signals from the brain to the body are distorted, compromising function and potentially causing sickness and disease. Misalignments of the spine are called subluxations, a term specific and unique to chiropractic. Subluxations often occur at birth or as a result of physical, emotional and chemical stresses associated with daily activities. In order to have proper spinal alignment, the spine must be cared for much like your teeth. Brush and floss your teeth and they will last your entire life. Neglect and not care for your teeth, they will eventually rot. Getting regular chiropractic adjustments is equivalent to brushing and flossing your teeth. Keeping your spine in proper alignment so your brain can get the electical messages to your organs is the job of your chiropractor.